Our Cranio Warrior

September is craniofacial awareness month! 

As many of you know, our little Jackson was born with craniosynostosis. A rare condition in which one or more sutures fuses prematurely. In Jack's case, inside the womb. Also in Jack’s case, three sutures: bilateral lambdoid & sagittal. Also known as the “Mercedes Benz…” the kid has good taste apparently. 

Jack will undergo a CVR (Cranial Vault Reconstruction) on October 16th. A surgery where they will remove most of his skull, cut it, reshape it & put if back on. Giving his brain more room to grow. 

We are also hoping they will be able to address & fix his Chiari Malformation during this surgery as well. CM is a different condition in which the brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. It can occur when part of the skull is abnormally small or misshapen, pressing on the brain and forcing it downward. 

Needless to say, our sweet Jack will be undergoing a very intense surgery, especially for a 4.5 month old. Please pray for our little baby!! 

We have great faith in our God, our surgeons & the medical team at OHSU Doernbrcher. And we are beyond grateful that we were placed right in their backyard. Seriously, what a gift! Leaving Montana last year was not something we wanted nor chose to do, but looking back now, we know God’s got our back and He has yours too. Always. 

Since we found out about Jackson’s surgery date, something had been brewing inside of me. I wanted to do something that would be meaningful for Jack and our entire family. I wanted to create more awareness. And I wanted to give back.

So where almost all good ideas come from, I was in the shower, and I had an vision. I saw people all over the country wearing the same shirt to support Jack on surgery day! “Cranio Warrior #teamjack.”

Yes, we made t-shirts. And all the profits will be donated to Cranio Care Bears. An organization who’s mission is to spread awareness, support & compassion through loving care packages to families of children facing surgery for craniosynostosis. Their care packages include items for the child & family to relieve the stress accompanying this very serious surgery.

T-shirts are $20 and can be ordered right HERE. We will be shipping shirts all across the country and we’d love for you to send us a picture on surgery day. We think it would be so amazing for Jackson to look back and know how many people rallied behind him, how many people prayed for him & how many people loved him during this challenging first year. 

Thank you again for all your continued support. It would mean the world to us if you participated in our “t-shirt vision” and helped give hope to other kids & families going through this same experience. 

"No one in this family fights alone." Love, The Grandits Family 

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